About Us

EgoDent initially started with one dental chair, offering our patients an array of services and a high level of patient care. Since that time, we have grown and expanded to two branches, one of which is the EgoDent Dental&Medical Clinic in Stanmore, which offers patients medical services such as Dermatology, Obstetrics&Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Radiology, General Medicine and Urology, provided by skilled doctors carefully selected by EgoDent based on their experience and recommendations. The doctors, together with our experienced staff are able to cater to more patients  across our clinics, provoding the best patient care possible.

  • Over 14000 happy patients in 5 years
  •    More than 2000 succesful implants
  •    A team of experienced doctors, medical staff, management and Reception
  •    Latest technologies and amazing results
  •    Flexible payment methods